Warfare 1917

Warfare-1917-logoWarfare 1917 is a game that mixes the war and strategy theme and this result into the epicness and pure awesomeness.  The game is a strategic action game found from Armor Games. The game is based on the simulation and it brings back the First World War. The objective of the game is organizing the troops and to gain the ground by putting the pressure on the enemies and also destroying the morals. You may choose to play as British or Germans troop. The enemy is computer controlled which means that you have to try your best in order to defeat them using the weapons and the troops that you have.

The objectives of Warfare 1917

In the Warfare 1917 game, you should command the troops and train them to retreat, to advance or to hide in the trenches. There are many units type that you can train like tanks, infantry and sniper and it is important to use them in effective way. In order to improve with the firepower during the fight, you need to get the support of tank strike, gas strike and mortars.  You need to watch for the morals of the men to make sure that they are not affected.  The upgrades of the game should be used to your advantages.


play warfare 1917

When you start to play, you are given only a solder but things will increase as the time passes. When you have passed two levels, you will get the XP that will help you to upgrade while you will have the control of many units at once so that you can make effective attack and be able to destroy the enemies. When you play this game, you will find out that there are some different units that have to be used in different occasion. As you learn how to play, you will also be aware of how to deal with different enemies.

How to play Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917 is the game that it is played on Armor Games and the thrill of the game is from people who watch the little army men and get tossed around the mortar shells. The game is respectful to its source history and it is well balanced in the history where it is rooted with the ground units and the fire support options.  The cries of the troop make it hard to watch the people in the battle and if many lives are lost, you may lose the battle because of low morale.

To win the skirmishes, the person should reach to the opposite side of battlefield with the troops or to reduce the enemies’ morale at the point of surrendering. What it is interesting in the game is how the trenches were used in the strategic choke points.  Because the operating space is normally a one-dimensional horizontal line, the player has to be conscious about the firing range and the strength of his unit both in and out of the battle.

The system of the experience points or the wide range of the upgrades makes the campaign to be worth being played in quick battle. The game has customizable mode of one-shot skirmish.   The early version had some problems but these problems have been solved out in the second version.

Learn the history behind the game before playing

When the player starts with this game, he is given the same task after choosing which side they want to be on. The player should create the military or infantry equipment for the displacement of the enemies away from their territory. The player can choose to play for the two campaigns and he can try to win at both side of this war. For the players who go for the British side, they should attack into the trenches. When the player defeats the enemies, he will be building the morality.

When there is a destruction of tanks or death of officers, it affects morale of these men and it is hard to imagine the solders continue to play alone.  To be able to win, you need to upgrade troops and training them harder so that they may become the real assassins. Since the war is set in the First World War, the player should understand what happened in this period so that he can feel that he is in a real battlefield.